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The Order of the Golden River

Patrick Eamon Carberry

One of the few traditional Celtic Shaman's living life as close to nature and the old ways as possible in this modern world

The Founder of The Order of the Golden River. Patrick is legally Recognised and registered as an officiant  to conduct handfastings (Pagan Weddings) in Northern Ireland under Article 11 of the Marriage (Northern Ireland) Order 2003

Practicing mainly in the UK and Ireland, with some International appearances. Connecting with the Spirit world, bring help and comfort to those who want and will accept that help.


Shamanic Healing, Energy Healing, Energy Balancing, Angel  Healing, Shamanic Readings, Soul Readings, Holistic Massage, Animal Communicator and Animal Healing.

Past life Regression the Shamanic way

Seer / Fore-Teller

The work of

The Order of the Golden River

Golden River Trust

The Order of the Golden River (of which Silent Oak is a trading name) is a pagan order which believe everyone has the right to live and have their own faith without fear. Set up in 2009 the Order has been practicing our faith in private. Our members have had to remained anonymous to protect their families from harm because of our beliefs. At a meeting in January 2015 the Order members have agreed to speak out about our faith and stand up for our beliefs, we will explain our faith to anyone who asks, our aim is to expel all the misinformation which people have about paganism. The spokesman for the Order is

Patrick Carberry.

Patrick speaks only for himself and the Order of the Golden River, we do not speak for other Pagan groups.

Patrick is a member of the interfaith forum. Working to have paganism recognised in Northern Ireland, as a result the Order of the Golden River is now officially recognised as the first ever Pagan Denomination (and Church) in its own rights, we have now made handfastings legal in Northern Ireland. Patrick at is the an officiant to legally conduct handfastings anywhere in Northern Ireland.

The Order have setup a charity called The Golden River Trust

Charity Number NIC100990

A few of the aims are to promote help and tolerance for all, to promote complementary therapies and other cultures which provide these therapies, help people to avail of these therapies who cannot afford the cost of treatments

Most of the treatments offered by the charity can be offered at a reduced rate 

Mysteries of Spirit Evening

by Sharon Neill

Book a Mysteries of Spirit Evening
Min. six people.
We will run a mini Workshop.
covering a variety of topics connecting with yourself and the Spirit world.

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A little about


Having lived many past lives as a Shaman and Seer. Patrick  has many lifetimes of skills to draw upon. 
Two of these past lives were in the last 400 years as a Native American Shaman.
With memories of Shamanism all the way back to
Palaeolitthic times spanning thousands of years.

Patrick has always been a healer.

Holding memories of these lives, his skills are carried forward from the old ways.

Patrick's skills are from his past memories, the spirit world and his power animals, which has worked with him through all these lives, he still works the same way today as if nothing has changed.

Patrick said

As I was on a journey my power animal ( a beautiful black panther ) came to me and said "welcome back its about time" I questioned this and she replied "you have been a shaman in many lifetimes, I have always been your power animal" (of course she used my true name) she helps to bring these memories forward.

Patrick's skills is truly of the old Ways and comes from his past life memories.

Patrick offered healing for one year to everyone FREE but no one wanted it. They instead called him names and shunned him, they went to the others to pay for the similar treatments. 

Patrick said this year taught him that people don't want help. They rather spend money, saying if its free its worth nothing.

Patrick walks barefoot upon the land saying mother earth will never hurt him, you will only see Patrick wearing shoes when absolutely necessary. He is in constant contact with his brother who is in the spirit world, with whom he still shares his memories of four centuries, the last time they both walked the earth together. Looking into the soul of every person they meet, they miss nothing.

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Services offered by the Silent Oak team

Handfastings (Marriages)

Complementary Therapies

Seer / Fore-Tellers

Angel Therapy

Energy Balancing

Pendulum Dowsing

Animal Healing

Spiritual House Clearing

Shamanic / Psychic Tudors

Holistic Healing Massage


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Dundrum Bay and Mourne Mountains Northern Ireland

We run classes, workshops, Psychic investigations, shows as well as attending fairs etc. You can find out more information if you check out our

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International Blind Psychic

International celebrity psychic based in Ireland, with the ability to draw audiences of 2,000 to her live shows
Sharon has numerous radio and television appearances on her CV.
With a list of private clients that includes
Van Morrison, Ash and Coldplay

Sharon has Just returned from Ukraine in April 2014 after taking part in

International Psychic Challenge
and also
Ukraine's Psychic Investigation

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